About Us

We are committed to providing high quality dental care to our young patients in a friendly and welcoming environment. Our goal is to ensure that every child leaves our office with a happy and healthy smile.

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About Us

Going to The Dentist
Should Be Fun

Dr. Victoria Mouradian and Dr. Gary Kirikian have forged a strong friendship and partnership over the past five years. As dental professionals, they possess an unwavering commitment to their patient’s oral health and well-being. Together, they form a remarkable team with a shared passion for providing exceptional dental care to pediatric patients.

Dr. Victoria and Dr. Gary can’t wait to welcome you and your children to their new and exciting practice!


Meet Our Dentists


Dr. Gary Kirikian


Dr. Gary Kirikian is one of the founders of Kids Dental Avenue. His love for dentistry started at a very young age. Each dental visit became a unique experience which continued to grow his curiosity and interest in the field. It was at those dental visits that imprinted his love for dentistry and the importance of implementing oral hygiene on the younger generation. Dr. Gary Kirikian is a proud Bruin! By completing his undergraduate bachelor’s degree in psychology at UCLA, he then continued his education at UCLA’s School of Dentistry as one of the youngest members of his class. During his time spent at UCLA, he had the irreplaceable experience of learning from the best professors in the field to perfect his dental knowledge and skill, along with conducting research as well as volunteering at various dental organizations, including the MEND Dental Clinics. After many years of practicing general dentistry, he made the transition into focusing solely on children’s dental where he found his true calling. His age-specialized technique along with his patience and compassion helps parents and patients feel at ease in starting their dental journey.

Dr. Victoria Mouradian


Dr. Victoria Mouradian is one of the founders of Kids Dental Avenue. She is an accomplished dental professional who received her doctoral degree in dental medicine from Western University of Health Sciences in 2013. With over 10 years of experience, she has been practicing pediatric dentistry with a strong commitment to providing quality dental care for children.

Dr. Victoria’s passion for dentistry started at a very young age when she met her lifelong mentor, Dr. Jerry Lanier. She was so inspired by Dr. Lanier that she eventually began working for him for the next ten years until she got accepted to dental school.
After completing her studies, Dr. Victoria’s lifelong dream of becoming a dentist and working with children led her back to Dr. Lanier’s practice where she focused solely on taking care of her “little munchkin” patients. Her passion for pediatric dentistry has only grown over the years, and she has been actively involved in treating underserved communities, her local community, and even served a small suburban community in the Bay Area from 2015-2016. She also collaborates with a group of anesthesiologists who have extensive experience working on children in a dental setting.

Dr. Victoria’s love for working with kids is fueled by their honesty and sincerity, and she cherishes the moments when they say the cutest and funniest things. She is dedicated to providing her young patients with the highest level of care and comfort, ensuring that their dental experience is positive, stress-free, and enjoyable. As a mom herself, she understands the support parents need when entering a new environment with their little ones. Dr. Victoria can’t wait to see all the families in her new practice.